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    Would You Live in a Haunted Home?

    With Halloween creeping up and the launch of Netflix’s The Haunting at Hill House, we decided to take a look into how haunted homes effect real estate.® surveyed 1,067 people across the U.S for their Haunted Real Estate Report. They found that those who were willing to live in a home that claimed to be haunted would like either a price reduction, a larger kitchen or a better neighborhood. What we found to be entirely shocking is that 18% of those that were surveyed said that the claim wouldn’t impact their purchasing decision. With men leading the charge and being 3 times more likely to move into a known haunted home.

    However, 49% of respondents said there’s no incentive enough to make up for an eerie purchase.

    While we aren’t sure how we feel about these gruesome insights, please enjoy the graphic below for more spooky statistics:

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